• Digital Audio Recorder for COMINT Systems (TUX)
  • Acorn Network Time Location Server (ANTLS)
  • Acorn Omnicore Module based on SiLabs Mixed Signal Controllers
  • Embedded Hardware & Software for Medical Electronics System used for Blood Testing using ELISA Method
  • Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL)
  • Turbine Speed Measurement Interface
  • Monitoring Interface Display Unit for COMINT System
  • Antenna Digital Pattern Recorder (HF/VHF/UHF, Microwave Frequencies)
  • 32 Channel TTL to RS422 / Ethernet Convertor
  • Serial to Ethernet Convertor Board
  • Digital Tape Recorder
  • Man Machine Interface (MMI) Module
  • Thermal Battery Testing System
  • Intrusion Detection System for High Security / Safe Zones like Nuclear / Atomic Power Stations
  • Fiber Optic to Ethernet Convertor
  • Simulator System for Speed Measurement