We provide services and solutions that cater to various needs of the different players in the Education segment. With our expertise, experience and our belief in the power of learning, we offer services to various sectors of the society such as students, Job Seekers, Professionals, Corporate, Colleges & Universities. Our primary goal is to fulfill the diverse learning needs across the spectrum which will propel education into a higher plane.

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We offer Training Programmes in collaboration with our sister concern Sorokasoft India Private Limited.

The Scope of the training program at Acorn will be to empower the employee / student to enhance his knowledge, skillset and attitude. The training objective would be, creating a goal attainable by the employee / student during the course of the training session. The devised training courses would be short without leaving the finer details.

Finishing School - Providing Project Ready Skilled Resources through Innovative programs to Bridge the Industry Gap

To be in the list of your ideal employer, you must be able to take the knowledge obtained in hand after the college and apply it. A college degree does not prepare you to be industry ready which is not an ideal scenario to excite an employer. Finishing school at Acorn Embedded Systems makes you an industry ready professional by giving you the edge in the industry.

You get the upper hand with a good knowledge of software fundamentals, technical know-how and interaction workshops with industry experts, project exposure, workshops on software development life cycle & professional practice, social poise & etiquette, behavior & savvy conversation - making you all ready for the major companies.

Also focusing on the abilities of the students to adapt to the industry environment, our faculty has a strong industry background, coming with their extensive experience in the industry. This allows them to imbibe in their training techniques, methods by which the students can adjust easily into the industry environment. This helps the students deal with work pressure, work habits and the active challenges of the industry that enable them to cope with them and be constant performers, simultaneously.

Acorn Embedded Systems Pvt Ltd is THE next step towards your career.

Acorn Embedded System's Finishing School program - giving you an edge over competition and is designed to meet the following needs:

  • Help students understand the requirements of the industry
  • Assess them and help them understand where they stand
  • Train them with the required industry skills and align them towards successful careers

What makes Acorn Embedded Systems the Preferred Trainer ?

  • Expertise of delivering corporate trainings all over India
  • A curriculum that is designed after a thorough understanding of the present needs of the industry
  • Expert faculty with many years of corporate training experience
  • Strategic relationships with several companies